Coming Soon

Something I have been working on since 2016 is finally starting to happen and I am super excited!! 

Through this process, I really learned how hard it is to put something out there. Now I feel making a film is almost like a miracle. It made me really appreciate all the films and tv shows in the world.

This project started from a conversation between me and another actor. Soon another actor joined us and it was three of us for a while. But little by little, we were able to gather more people to be on board and now we have a team, ready to start rolling.

I know there will be a lot more hardships ahead of us, but I am just so grateful and excited to be able to create something with this team.  To finally be able to stand here at the starting point.

So stay tuned please! We will release the trailer very soon!









というわけで、数日中にまずは予告編公開です!楽しみにしていて下さい! 何より私自身が楽しみで仕方ないです。


Working on the project using WeWork 

Working on the project using WeWork