Film Making

It's been a while since my last post.

Last week, I had a shoot for a short film.

It was a nice small production with passionate director and writer. I enjoyed it very much.

Especially the way it reminded me how much of a collaboration film making is.

There are all these aspects like camera work, sound, lighting, acting and so on, and none of them can be missing.

I just love that atmosphere of everyone waiting quietly for that Okay! from the director, focusing on each part in order to make a good scene. It makes me feel that we are all making the film together.

You never know what will happen in each take. Plus, the time is limited. I learned this time especially that as actors, we have to provide the best acting each time.

For example, the daytime scenes need to be shot before sunset, there are only a few hours left. The camera work is difficult and it's a big shot. I felt that I couldn't make a mistake when the camera worked out or the sound was good despite the construction suddenly started in the neighborhood.

And this time, we were working with a 6 year old child actor. We didn't know if she would act the way the director wanted, and we knew she would get too tired if the shoot goes long. Under that condition, I really had to focus and not ruin a good take.

But it's amazing how free children are. I didn't know what kind of curve ball she would throw at me, so it forced me to stay focused and really be in the moment, which gave me a new discovery. What a nice experience it was!

Film making is so fascinating.

Can't wait to see it!















So cute! Leena