Evening with ASG Kang

I had an opportunity to attend an event to hear some conversation with this lady who is a UN's ASG yesterday.

It was such a lovely evening with her calm and candid energy as well as her wisdom!

As I was listening to her, I was inspired to be more expressive of my thoughts which I am very bad at doing.

It was her comment about cross cultural communication that really struck me. I guess because it related to what I have been feeling these days.

"In cross cultural communication, you really have to trust. And you cannot start seeking meaning in words that doesn't have any meaning."

That's right. Trust. And yes, I sure do start to wonder about the meaning behind certain things that probably don't have much meaning as I imagine.

But as an actor as well, I really feel that my biggest theme right now is to bring my guard down, trust others and myself, and express myself.

So here I am writing this blog about what I thought after this event. 

Another thing I really loved was how she responded to the question, what is leadership.

"Leadership is not something you seek for. You need to be good at what you are doing and have contents full. Its like water flowing out of a cup. Water has to be full of cup, and it is so much that it overflows, that's what leadership is."

It reminded me of my acting teacher back in Japan who used the exact same metaphor to describe about acting.

Don't play the emotion, acting is doing is what we always say, but he described that emotion has to be there as well. and be full. like a cup full of water. you try not to spill it and do what you are doing, but it is so full that it still overflows from time to time. That's what the audience wants to see.

I remember how it made so much sense when I heard it. And even though I always think I want to be an actor who seek for the contents. details, I realized I was forgetting those details and got caught up in the result and the surface especially in everyday audition settings.

Such a great reminder.

I feel very inspired to tune myself and get back to the work of acting.

Thank you so much for the wonderful event!