Tate and Action Performance

It's already been about 2 weeks, but we had a little Tate (Japanese Sword Fighting) and Film Action performance earlier this month.

It was my first time performing Action in front of an audience!

Since our participation was decided last minute, it was hard to schedule rehearsal with everybody, but it turned out to be fun after all despite our struggles and concerns.

Later that day, I went over to my friend's place and watched the video, discovering screenshot feature on our computer. So here are some of the screenshots.


For a while, we were pretty excited to find this feature and capturing moments, but then, as we watched the video and the pictures, we found more and more notes for ourselves.

Well, it's always a good learning opportunity to watch ourselves! 

We are now planning to make our action reel, and learning how to use different tools not only sword! Can't wait till I can show you the reel!







some pictures from after the show. 最後に演武後と打ち上げの様子。